Slow down and enjoy Mother Earth

I sit on my balcony deck each morning, many mornings with Margaret, my wife, and read my morning prayers. What a joy it is to mindfully listen to the all that Mother Earth provides us if we just take a few minutes to slow down and listen. We live in an urban environment. It is amazing to me how much of what the Great Mother offers us is still available when we stop to reconnect with her. After my prayers, I sit in mindful meditation, simply listening, most often with my eyes closed, to the … [Read more...]

How I “stepped up to the plate” on the Keystone XKL Pipeline issue

It must have been shortly after the beginning of January 2013, when I opened my email and read a message from, announcing a Forward on Climate Rally to be held in DC on February 17, 2013. I was heavily engaged in a physical health battle with Lyme Disease, unable to travel, and was quite frustrated because I longed to be there with all the others who would say "NO" to the Keystone XL pipeline. This has been an issue that grabbed my attention early on, simply because the extraction … [Read more...]

KXL Pipeline – Where do you stand?

 I, Tom Kemper, support these 13 reasons we should not allow the Keystone XL tar sands oil to flow. (I've borrowed much of the following background and facts of which you may or may not be aware, regarding the Keystone XL (KXL) Pipeline from various sources. I credit those sources at the end of this article.)   Where do you stand? In January, President Obama, under pressure from environmental groups and a congressionally-mandated deadline, rejected TransCanada's permit … [Read more...]

Should the Tar Sands Oil Flow?

If you are a parent or a grandparent, if you have not taken a stand in opposition to the completion of the Keystone XL pipeline, what in the world are you thinking? You have an obligation to your children, and to your grandchildren to leave them a planet on which they will be able to live. We all owe that to those who will need, just as we needed, a planet that is as livable as we've enjoyed. I often ponder the question, "Why would a parent sock away money for their child's, or, their … [Read more...]