An Appreciation Note to Earth, from Just Another Earthling

Thank you Mother. Plain and simple, if not for you, we could not breathe. We could not eat, and, we could not receive quench for our thirst. It all comes because you've been so resilient, and so forgiving. You've taken care of our needs for millions of years, never asking for anything in return. When we needed warmth, you gave us wood to burn, then coal, then other fuels, as we've exploited each and all, never blinking an eye at the damage and hurt we've caused you. If we needed clothes, … [Read more...]

Love Letter to the Earth

I am currently reading a book by one of my spiritual guides, Thich Nhat Hanh. The following excerpt is from Chapter 1 of his book "Love Letter to the Earth" Chapter 1 -- We Are the Earth At this very moment, the Earth is above you, below you, all around you, and even inside you. The Earth is everywhere. You may be used to thinking of the Earth as only the ground beneath your feet. But the water, the sea, the sky, and everything around us comes from the Earth. Everything outside us … [Read more...]