A Morning Delight

I walked from my tiny house in the backyard of our home, to the porch across the back side of our home. It was Sunday morning, July 13, around 9:15 am. At 12-15 feet above the ground, two large soaring, swooping, fast-flying figures came into focus from my left, quickly rising to 45 feet above in the neighbor’s massive oak tree. The two Cooper Hawks, momma and “flight-trainee” youngster, sat perched high above me, youngster waiting for mother’s next command. It was a gift I gladly received, as I observed their next short flight back across our yard, in the direction opposite from where they came.

Within the next hour, I determined the two may likely be nesting in the neighbor’s yard, high above in the Pecan Tree, in the direction from which they first came into my awareness. I listened intently as they gave their shrill, high-pitched, “psheeeeeeeee…earrrrrrrr” call.

As Margaret and I sat in morning meditation on our upper balcony deck this morning, we were greeted at 7:00 am by the same beautiful, soaring, swooping mother, likely out for her early morning hunt, finding food for her youngster. As we sat in prayer on our second-floor balcony, momma Cooper swooped to a perfectly-executed, inverted arc, diving to about 6-8 feet from our noses. She was splendidly displaying her finely-honed skills. I suspect she feeds youngster first, then takes care of her needs.

While she adeptly maneuvered in flight before us, we could hear the call of youngster in the next yard, as the little one called out it’s familiar “psheeeeeeeee…earrrrrrrr”.

It is such an awesome, and precious gift, to be honored by the presence of these beautiful birds. I am truly thankful to God, and to Mother Nature, for gifting me such a fine gift to behold.

We live in a garden that has all we need, and gives us all we can ever, and, will ever need. Stop and listen, silently, peacefully, and, the gift is yours. It is ours to hold dear, as these rare and precious gifts hold for us Joy, Peace, Love, and Harmony.

We are all part of this magnificent creation, our Mother Earth. Thank you God, for my being here at this time, to nurture, and to appreciate, all that you and Mother Earth provide.

To find more about Joy, Peace, Love and Harmony, I highly recommend reading Thich Nhat Hanh’s latest book, Love Letter to the Earth – find it here.

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